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Longest ever drought in China

 Longest Ever Drought in China

The drought in China is the worst it has ever been. Rivers have dried up due to the drought, which has also impacted hydroelectric power output. Due to a lack of energy, both small and large cities are in the dark.

The Yangtze, the longest river in Asia and the greatest river in China, has dried up as a result of China experiencing its longest summer in 64 years. Large cities or small towns are now experiencing power outages due to the Yangtze River's drying up, which has affected hydroelectric power and led to water shortages in the dam.

The Chinese authorities last week halted or restricted the electrical supply to thousands of industries in Sichuan in light of this. Companies like Toyota, Foxconn, and Tesla have temporarily halted operations at several of their China-based units as a result.

In China's Sichuan, Hebei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, and Chongqing prefectures, at least 2.46 million people and 2.2 million hectares of agricultural land have been affected by drought. The drought is also causing more than 780,000 people to require direct government help, according to China's Ministry of Emergency Management.

After so many years, China has seen a direct economic loss of 2.73 billion yuan in July alone as a result of the drought, which has affected 5.5 million people.

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