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Rajanikanth deep into the jungles | Bear Grylls | Prime Video

 Rajanikanth deep into the jungles | Bear Grylls | Prime Video

Talking with Bear Grylls is Thalaiva. You can watch a clip from the action-adventure show Into The Wild With Bear Grylls on Prime Video. In the clip, the celebrity is interviewed while strolling through the South Indian forests about his life and stardom.

In order to survive the forest adventure, Bear Grylls accompanies Rajanikanth, one of the most well-known actors, deep into the jungle. To do so, they must stretch their physical and mental limits. Running Wild with Bear Grylls is a reality television program with Bear Grylls that focuses on survival skills.
Every time he embarks on an adventure, Grylls brings a different famous person with him. The crew consists of host Bear Grylls, two camera cinematographers, two field recordists, and a mountain guide.

Watch the adventure series only on Discovery Plus on Prime Video.